How to Add Keywords to Google My Business in 2023

How to Add Keywords to Google My Business Profile

If your business targets the local audience, then you must have the Google Business Profile(formerly known as Google My Business). It is a free tool that helps owners create their business profiles to appear on local search and map results.

Properly optimizing your Google Business Profile helps to reach the highly intent audience and have a great chance to drive them as leads. In this process, most people are stuck on “how to add keywords to a Google business profile?”. Here we cover all the details about adding keywords with expert tips. Let’s get into the topic.

Start with your Google Business profile

The first step for adding keywords to your Google Business Profile is to have an account. To create your Google Business Profile,

  • Log in with your Google account and go to the Google Business Profile.
  • Click “Manage Now” and fill out the details of the business name, type, category, region, and business phone number.
  • After your business gets verified, you’ll see the menu to edit your business profile further.

Here we list out the places for adding keywords in your Google Business Profile.

Google My business

Include Keywords as Business Categories

The easiest way to add keywords in GBP is in the business category. Ensure your keywords describe what your business doing. This is crucial for improving your online visibility and reaching the right audience.

You should add a minimum of one category. Adding more relevant keywords helps to appear on more searches. This lets your audience find your business by different search terms.

To do this click on the “Edit profile”, go to the business category, and add your category as well as keywords in this section.

Google my business Business Information updating sheet

You can select only the available listed categories. Here, add your appropriate business in the primary category and related keywords in the additional category.

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Google My business search result for Chinese Restuarant

Use Keywords in Your Business Description

The business description is the next valuable place to add your keywords to the Google Business Profile. It is the place to share valuable information about your business, product, service, and brand with your audiences.

You can be informed about what you do, what you offer, who you serve, and your service area, etc. So write it with your keywords, make sure it sounds natural for the audience, and don’t write it only for Google’s algorithm. The limitation for the words is 750.

Description of SEOBEE on thier Google My Business Profile

Here is an example of adding keywords to the business description. They are using the keywords of the services they offer like Local SEO, Social Marketing, Google Ads, etc. You can edit it below the business category section.

Add Keywords to Your Product/ service section

In the Google Business Profile, you have the option to give more information about your product/service in the listing section. In the product/service description section, you have the opportunity to add the relevant keywords. This increases the chances of appearing your business for that particular keyword.

To edit this go to the “Edit product” page. Update your product name and description with the targeted keywords.

Optimize Business Attributes with Keywords

Business attributes are the labels used to describe the specific services, amenities, and features offered by the businesses to their audiences.

This is the best place to add your keywords. “Free Wifi”, “Women Owned”, and “Take out” are a few examples of common business attributes. Try to add many keywords in the attributes as much as you can. This helps to improve the searchability.

Here is the best example of the attributes for a Google Business Profile. These relevant attributes have a chance to appear for the specific search result when audiences search for “restaurants with takeout” rather than “restaurants”.


Google my business SERP RANKING FOR Restaurents in Adyar

Revisiting and checking the services mentioned in your profile every month, as there are any changes to what you offer. If you do not offer that facility or benefit remove it to avoid miscommunication.

Share GBP Post with Keywords

Google Business Profile Posts are updates like announcements, offers, events, and new or popular items for your customers within 1000-1500 words. You can include texts, photos, and videos. Also in this post section, you can add the keywords naturally.

After 7 days the posts are expired and get archived. Posting regularly helps to engage and update your local audience about what you provide. So you should publish at least one post per week with valuable information to your audience. To add this,

  • Click the “Add update”
  • Choose your post type
  • Fill and update your content and image
Google My business

Below is an example for this update page. You can even add images to grab the attention of your audience.

Google my business Updates area of SEOBEE

Respond to Reviews with Keywords

Whenever people decide to consume your product or service, first they check your review section. Why is this still a matter? 72% of the consumers make their decision after reading the positive reviews. Reviews of your customers and the response to their queries have the power to influence their decisions.

It will boost your customer’s satisfaction and experience if they know that you pay attention to their queries and reviews. And it will be a great source to convince your new customers.

So this is the next place to add your keywords to Google Business Profile. But make sure to keep your response naturally without the keyword stuffing.

Example for adding the targeted keywords:

Google my business Review of Local Guide for Icecream shop

Here they mention the “ice cream” and “toppings for ice cream” used in this review. Remember that you can’t control the negative reviews but there is a chance to show you still care about their opinion. Edit it in the “ read review section”

Improve your main website with keywords

When you target the local audience, it always best to present your business to them is the best practice. This will happen by creating a website and showing what you are offering. Most business owners are hesitating to create their website for 2 reasons.

  • It may require a sum amount of money
  • Or it’s hard to create by themselves.

But you can create a mobile-optimized website by Google Business Profile. It’s a single-page site builder for small businesses.

Once after update your details in GBP, it will automatically get your information and images for the site. Whenever changes are made to your profile, they also take place on your site. Further, you can optimize the theme and text of the site.

Optimize your site by adding your relevant keywords in the important places (like H1, meta description, etc) of the main site. This helps you to improve your visibility and ranking in search results. This option only be visible if you don’t have the website.

How to find keywords for Google business profile

We are filled with the knowledge of adding keywords to the business profile. But choosing the right keyword is the most important part of initiating this process.

Why is important to know the keywords?

Whenever people search on Google, it offers the results to local SEO based on 3 factors: relevancy, prominence, and distance. So, choosing and adding the right keywords based on these factors in your profile is important to increase your visibility.

Below are the ways to find your targeted keywords:

Identify via competitive analysis

If you don’t know how to find the right keywords, then start with your competitors. Check the top competitors in your niche, and find what keywords they are ranking as well as not ranking.

To find this use a tool like Semrush or Ahrefs. Add those keywords and attributes in your primary places of Google Business Profile to outrank them.

Generate ideas from a seed keyword

One of the ways to find the related keywords is from the seed keyword. Seed keywords are broad categories to specify your niche. Here is the best example to generate your ideas. When we search for “SEO agency” it gives the result with many keywords.

SEMRUSH list of related keywords for SEO Agency

When you have the related keywords, it improves your business appearance in SERPS. Be conscious of avoiding non-relevant keywords. Because the audiences from those keywords are to be converted as lead. From there choose a keyword with low KD and high volume.

Find keywords from SERP

The easiest method to find the relevant keyword is from Google auto-populate and people also search. For example, if you search for “bakery near me”, you can see the keywords like “bakery near me cookies”, “bakery near me bread” etc.

Google Automatic Keyword Suggest

Strategies for Google Business Profile Optimization

Apart from adding keywords, here we give suggestions on boosting your clicks further.

  • Verify NAP Consistency: NAP is known as Name, Address, and Phone Number. This is most important in Google Business Profile. This helps the audience to find and understand your business. So keep it valid and consistent in all business directories. To update your information go to the “Edit profile” and save your details.
  • Improve Your Listing with images: This will help you stand out from the competitors. This attracts and encourages the customer to visit or know about your business. You can add a logo, product image, cover photo, etc in your profile’s “Add photo” option.
  • Focus on User Satisfaction: This is the priority in gaining the local audience. To create this, update the business hours, amenities, and any other privileges Handling your customer review is one of the parts of it.
  • Use relevant Keywords: Be sure to add relevant keywords within a limited number. If you miss the relevancy and natural language, your content won’t be sensible to your users, and one of the reasons for not showing on Google Maps.

Wrap Up

When it Comes to Finding & Implementing new strategies to rank your GMB Profile, Dmarketingacademy’s Google My Business Optimization Service helps you to analyse your competitor and prepare the strategies for your businesses.  Contact now to rank your profile within 30 days.



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