URL Cleaner

URL Cleaner

What is a URL Cleaner Tool?

The URL Cleaner Tool is an online utility crafted to simplify and purify URLs. It effortlessly trims down long, complicated URLs to their most basic and functional form. This process not only makes the URLs more manageable and aesthetically pleasing but also enhances user privacy by removing tracking parameters often embedded in links.

Why you need URL Cleaner?

URL Cleaner tool can be used to remove the slugs for bulk list of URL’s. Mostly it was very useful for Off-page seo guys. To build backlinks they need to outreach to prospects bulk at a time. So, they run campaign in outreach tools like pitchbox. One of the techniques is to take the list of sites from competitors using tools like ahrefs. To run the campaigns like csv import you need to remove the unwanted slugs in those scraped URL to get the domain of those URL’s. It’s hard to remove those slugs manually for thousands of URL. Using our Free url cleaner tool you can remove the slugs upto 1,00,000 URL at a time.

How to use URL Cleaner?

Just copy the URL in your sheet and paste it directly in the tool box. To remove the prefixes (Https://www.) & slugs after “.Com” at the same time just Press “Remove slug and prefixes” and if you wanna add or remove “www.”, “Https://” separately you can use separate buttons for it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the URL Cleaner Tool

Access the Tool

Begin by navigating to the URL Cleaner Tool website. This tool is typically accessible through any standard web browser, ensuring ease of use regardless of your device.

Copy Your URL

Select the long, cluttered URL you wish to clean. This could be a link from a website, a shared document, or any digital platform. Right-click and copy the URL.

Paste the URL into the Tool

On the URL Cleaner Tool’s interface, you’ll find a text box or input field. Click in this box and paste your copied URL.

Initiate the Cleaning Process

Look for a button often labeled as ‘Clean’, ‘Simplify’, or ‘Shorten’. Clicking this button will prompt the tool to process your URL.

Retrieve the Cleaned URL

After a brief moment, the tool will display a shorter, cleaner version of your original URL. This new version will have extraneous parameters removed, ensuring it’s more concise and secure.

Copy and Use the New URL

You can now copy this new URL and use it just like you would with the original link. The cleaned URL is more manageable for sharing in emails, social media, or embedding in documents.

How Does It Work?

Using the URL Cleaner Tool is remarkably simple. Users need to paste the long URL into the tool’s interface and click a button. The tool then processes the URL, removing any unnecessary characters or tracking codes, and provides a cleaner, shorter version. This new URL can be easily copied and used just like the original, but with the added benefits of brevity and privacy.

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