URL Cleaner

URL Cleaner

Why you need URL Cleaner?

URL Cleaner tool can be used to remove the slugs for bulk list of URL’s. Mostly it was very useful for Off-page seo guys. To build backlinks they need to outreach to prospects bulk at a time. So, they run campaign in outreach tools like pitchbox. One of the techniques is to take the list of sites from competitors using tools like ahrefs. To run the campaigns like csv import you need to remove the unwanted slugs in those scraped URL to get the domain of those URL’s. It’s hard to remove those slugs manually for thousands of URL. Using our Free url cleaner tool you can remove the slugs upto 1,00,000 URL at a time.

How to use URL Cleaner?

Just copy the URL in your sheet and paste it directly in the tool box. To remove the prefixes (Https://www.) & slugs after “.Com” at the same time just Press “Remove slug and prefixes” and if you wanna add or remove “www.”, “Https://” separately you can use separate buttons for it.

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