How To Add Users To Google My Business

how to add users on google my business

To add someone to Google My Business, follow these steps

Sign In to your Google Account:

Log into your Google My Business account.

login to your Google My Business account

Select Your Business:

Choose the specific location you want to manage if you have multiple listings.

Choose the specific business location

Click on the Three Dots in the right side:

Clickon the Three dots which is appear on the right side, and select “Business Profile Settings”

select business profile settings option

Select People and Access:

Now you will see all the settings of your Business Profile, Click on the “People and Access”

click people and access option

Click “Add”:

Once you Get into the People and Access, Click on “Add” which is visible in blue colour below the People & Access Statement.

click on add option

Fill the Email Address box with E-mail ID:

Type in the email address of the person you wish to add.

enter the email id of the person

Assign Role: Choose a role for the new user (Owner, Manager, or Site Manager) based on the level of access you want them to have.
Send Invite: Click “Invite.” The invitee will receive an email and must accept the invitation to gain access.

Each step is designed to give you control over who can manage your business listing, ensuring security and efficiency in managing your online presence.


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