Why Did My Google Business Profile Post Rejected?

Are you searching for the answer to ‘Why is my Google Business Profile post getting rejected?’ If so, here is the solution. We have listed the reasons for Google My Business post rejections and the best practices to gain a competitive edge.

Reasons Why a Google My Business Post Was Rejected

Google My Business posts were rejected due to the violations of Google’s guidelines, the use of misleading or irrelevant information, duplicate content and some technical issues. These all affect Google’s search quality and user experience. Let’s delve into each issue individually.

Google guidelines Violations

If your content doesn’t comply with Google guidelines, Google can automatically reject your post. This includes using inappropriate language, promoting illegal activities, selling prohibited products, and using personal information such as phone numbers or contact addresses. Therefore, you should check if your content falls into any of these categories.

inappropriate or misinformation

If your content discusses any inappropriate or misleading topics, there is a high chance your post will get rejected. These include:

  • Providing false information about the quality of products or services, especially if it impacts the user’s decision.
  • Using tricky content to reveal confidential information, or to download malicious apps or software.
  • Encouraging harassment, sexuality, illegal activities, hate speech, and terrorism.
  • Sharing misleading information about health, medical issues, harmful newsworthy events, or civic processes.

Therefore, you should always check that your content does not include these topics. As a bonus tip, remember that your content should be related to your business and provide valuable information to the user.

Duplicate content

Google strictly avoids duplicate content. Using same text, videos and photos is considered spam. Additionally, using logos on all your photos and vidoes, can get you in trouble.

photos are flagged

Sometimes your post may be rejected due to images and videos. You should focus on getting high-quality and correctly formated images and videos for different types of GMB post. These should adhere to the guidelines.

If your images seem offensive or illegal, or have any personal info such as contact number or URL, they will be rejected as well.

The User is Blocked from Posting on Google

If your account has any suspicious activities, publishes abusive content, or violates Google policies, they can limit your access to publishing. This not only rejects your new posts but also removes the old ones from your profile.

Google uses this to prevent content from misleading audiences. To resolve this, you should contact the Google support team

technical issues:

Finally you have tried every possible way to find the issue, and your post is follow all guidelines. Then you should see if anyone else faces this issue, by monitoring social media and forums.

It may be a bug on Google and you should report it to them. They will be quickly resolv it. Also make sure your business does not fall on the categories which are unable to post on GMB.

These are all the common reasons for your GMB post rejection. Next we will delve into the best practices to optimize your post to attract your audiences

Best practices:

Here we provide expert tips to optimize your GMB posts,

  • GMB post is the best feature to interact with your audience about your business, announce new product launches, provide seasonal offers through various types of posts. However, ensure that you comply with their requirements.
  • Focusing on publishing only original and high-quality content sets you apart from your rivals.
  • When publishing your post with an appropriate CTA , that helps your users to take the next action and derive value from it. Ensure that your CTA is related to your post.
  • Avoid to rephublishing your content with the same photos, videos, and genericl stock images. Instead, use real photos or videos with minimal editing and new content.
  • Use attractive images, that fit well on both desktop and mobile devices, in a clear and appropriate format without any text on them.
  • Adding keywords in your GMB post is one of the best ways to optimize them. Also try to provide solutions to your audience through your post to engage with them.
  • Another bonus tip is to provide an immediate response to your audience’s queries.That will help understand their requirements and create strategies to reach your audience..

Wrap up

To succeed in your business you should be clear on what your customer want from you and how do you provide that. GMB post plays a crucial role to fill this gap between you and your audience. We are also here to upgrade your business to the next level on your industry. Check out Google Business Optimization Service and getting a free Google My Business audit today!


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