6 Advance Link Building Strategies in 2024

6 Advanced Link Building Strategies in 2023

Every website will get traffic when it’s ranked on Google’s top results. We already know some factors like on-page optimization, fixing technical problems, and focusing on the higher volume keywords will help us to improve our page ranking on SERPs. 

Another vital factor is Off-page SEO, whenever you talk about Off-page optimization link building plays a significant role. This guide will give a complete lesson on how to do White hat link-building without being affected by Google penalties. Let’s dive into the lesson. 

Types of links in Link Building:

There are 2 types of links,

Dofollow links: 

      • This link passes the website authority from the origin page to the destination page. It helps us to improve our SERP’s ranking, domain rating, domain authority, and traffic to our website.

    Nofollow links: 

        • This link doesn’t pass the page authority. Google introduced this in 2005 to fight against spam comments. The link will contain (rel=” nofollow”). It helps to improve the referral traffic, and SERP ranking.

      Advanced Link Building Techniques:

      Resource Page Link Building

      This is one of the white hat link building techniques to acquire backlinks by submitting your content to the resource pages. Resource pages are page which has a curated list of external links. Resource pages are always open to adding your products to their list because this helps them to update their page with fresh and quality content.

      Steps for Getting Backlinks:

          • Find the resource pages by using Advance Search Operator (A.S.O) in Google,

                  A.S.O: “Keyword” + inurl:links,  “Keyword” + “helpful resources”             and find the best niche for you.  

            • Manually check the page quality where you want to post your content.

              •  Try to create high-quality content.

                •  Outreach to the person who is responsible for maintaining the resources.

              Use the Competitors’ Backlinks

              Spying and following your competitors is one of the successful ways of link building. You can do this for the domain level and page level. But this process should need a third-party tool. 

              Here we can focus on the New and missing backlinks of the competitors. How to do it?

                  • First, you have to find your competitors at your niche level. This is simple by just entering your core product or the keyword in the search engine. 

                    • After finding your competitor you enter the URL into any webmaster tool (Semrush or Ahrefs) and do the backlink analysis. It will give the list of the backlinks and their websites. You can get the list of missing or last backlinks and broken links.
                    • While exporting the links from ahrefs it contains Slugs you can clean the URL using our free Tool URL Cleaner.

                      • You have to check every website by the relevancy to your niche, spam score, organic search traffic, and domain authority.
                      • After filtering the lists with metrics, You need to reach the editor or author of the post via mail and ask them,
                                       1.  To replace your link instead of your competitor’s.

                                         2. Another one is through Guest blogging.



                    Use Your Resources

                    Every website has its own higher backlink profile. Sometimes we lost it. The process of finding the lost and broken backlinks and steps taken to reclaim it back is known as “Link Reclamation”. 

                    This is happen by when the webmaster removes the backlink from the article or the page has been deleted from the site.

                    Advantages of reclaiming

                        • You can maintain your backlink profile.

                          • You can reduce the quantity of 404 URL errors.

                            • It can maintain the quality and trustworthiness of your website.

                          Steps for Link Reclamation

                              • Enter your website domain URL in any webmaster tool.

                                • Do the backlink analysis. 

                                  • Find out the broken and missing backlinks of your website.

                                    • Reach the responsible person to refix the missing links/broken links.

                                  Images link building

                                  You can build your backlinks with your product images, infographics, graphs, memes, and maps from other authoritative sites. it‘s known as “Imgae link building”. 

                                  In this case, you should aware to give the links to the related pages instead of the image directory (.png,.jpg, etc,.). You must use your images that will help to attract more authoritative sites.

                                  There are 3 strategies followed for this image link building,

                                      • Links from improper attribution: If you have the image, you can go to any webmaster tool and do the backlink analysis for your website. Search for .png or .jpg websites. Outreach the high-quality website.

                                        • Claim the use of unauthorized images: You should find the website which are used your images but not links to your site. You can do this by the reverse image search in Google and reach the responsible person who used your image.

                                          • Go with the TRUST formula: Go to Google Trends and find the topic relevant to you. Create your image and promote that.

                                        HARO link building

                                        Help A Reporter Out also known as HARO is a website platform that connects journalists with bloggers. It is one of the effective ways to get authoritative links from the most famous media outlets like Newyork Times, The Wall Street, and Forbes. 

                                        It will give benefits both parties (Reporters and Bloggers). Every day journalists send their requests for the insights of the experts. 

                                        The writer who is an expert in that field will give their response. If it is a high-quality article, the journalist writes their stories with this one and the writer will get a high-quality backlink.  

                                        Some tips to succeed in HARO,

                                            • Make your response very fast. The more you delay the less you have to get selected.

                                              • Stick to your relevancy with the request emails.

                                                • Make your thoughts crisp and short within 200 words. Don’t scribble it.

                                                  • Don’t go with the general stuff, In depth research is important.

                                                Guest post type of link building

                                                Guest blogging is a content marketing strategy for writing content and publishing it on other websites to promote your brand. It helps us to reach the audience within your niche and get referral traffic to your site. 

                                                Steps to do the Guest blogging,

                                                    • Set your business goal as if you want the traffic or improve your SEO performance.

                                                      • Find your blog opportunities by the advanced search in Google or analyze your competitors

                                                        • Evaluate them by domain rating, organic traffic, spam score, etc,

                                                          • Manually outreach them and create your blog for your niche audience.

                                                        Importance of link building


                                                        • These links are considered votes of trustworthiness to Google. If a website had backlinks from many higher authority websites it may have the chance to rank on the search engine 1st page.
                                                        • Link building helps us to get organic and referral traffic from other websites.
                                                        • It plays an important role in brand awareness. So it directly boosts your brand’s organic traffic.
                                                        • Through this process, you built a genuine relationship with your related websites.
                                                        • If our internal links have a good structure it reduces the bounce rate. Because every user comes to the website through the backlinks to know more about the anchor text term.

                                                        Final Thoughts

                                                        Here we mentioned the recent trends of link building strategies. The very important quality for link-building is patience. Because the effects you make on your website take time to reflect in your metrics. 

                                                        We also suggest that link building is an ongoing process so you have to track your backlinks on the regular basis and check for your missing and broken links.


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