10 Best SEO Chrome Extensions to Boost Rankings in 2023

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We know SEO is the only way to get organic traffic from Google. Honestly, SEO has many tasks to get ranked in the higher position and organic traffic. There are lots of SEO Chrome extensions available to make our job easy. Most of us wasted our time on finding extensions that are best suited to make the task easy. Here are the 10 best SEO Chrome extensions to boost your ranking in Google.

How are Chrome extensions helpful to improve our SEO?


      • Chrome extensions help to optimize your browser. Most of it gives the vital data that helps you to do the day-to-day tasks.

      • These extensions are fast and powerful to do tasks and give good accessibility. 

    Keyword Surfer

    To get a quick overview of the keywords or related search terms, this will be the best SEO Chrome extension.


        • It shows the search volume, traffic for the keyword, CPC, the exact number of keywords used, word count on your competitor page, list of keywords, and search volume.


          • It has 5 important data points. So you need not jump from one tab to another or struggle to use 2 or 3 tools at the same time.


            • You can export the keyword collections as CSV files whenever you want.


              • You can validate your content ideas from which place you are because it has data from 70 countries.


                • It is for SEO experts who need a quick overview of search volume and basic metrics.


                  • There are 4,00,000+ daily users and it is entirely free.



                    • Sitechecker.pro is one of the best SEO Chrome extensions. It offers a variety of tools and features like Site audit, keyword analysis, backlink analysis, etc.


                      • You can get details like Keyword density with word count, Internal links, external links, H1 – H6 tags, Images format with alt text, etc.


                        • It gives 14 day free trial period to use features like site audit. During that trial period, it allows to add your project and do a site audit.


                          • You will get notified via Gmail once the audit is done. you will be notified each time you implement the suggestions if the issues are solved or if any new issues are found.

                        Keywords Everywhere


                            • This is one of the free best SEO Chrome extensions used by most SEO experts. You can easily install it in Firefox too.


                              • This tool gives 3 types of information for keywords: Monthly search volume, Google Adwords competition, and CPC.


                                • This extension pulls the lists for long tail keywords, keywords for ‘people also search for’, and related keywords.


                                  • You can able to view and download the keywords in monthly, weekly, and hourly levels.


                                    • You can view the top 5000 keywords which rank in the top 20 positions. This is free to use.

                                  Headings map


                                      • Headings map is one of the best SEO Chrome extensions which works by analyzing the headings on a webpage and creating an interactive table of contents that allows users to navigate to different sections of the page.


                                        • It displays the headings in a hierarchical format, with larger headings at the top and smaller headings nested underneath.

                                      Some of the key features of the HeadingsMap extension include


                                          • The extension provides users with an easy way to navigate a webpage, especially longer pages with multiple sections. 


                                            • The HeadingsMap extension is particularly useful for users with visual or cognitive impairments, as it provides a clear and structured overview of the content on the page.


                                              • The extension allows users to customize the appearance and behavior of the table of contents. For example, users can choose to hide certain headings or change the size and color of the headings


                                                • The HeadingsMap extension is compatible with a wide range of websites and web applications, including content management systems, online documentation, and e-learning platforms.



                                                  • SEOquake is one of the most useful & best SEO chrome extensions which is used for day-to-day backlink analysis. It shows the most crucial metrics in the form of a dashboard.


                                                    • This dashboard shows the data of SEO overview, external and internal link analysis, Keyword density, social statistics, doing the SEO audit, finding the keyword difficulty, and comparing URLs.


                                                      • From the SERP overlay, you can get and download the SERP analysis.


                                                        • If you connect this extension with Semrush you can the detailed data points.


                                                          • To date, it has 3,00,000+ active users. It’s available for free.



                                                            • It is one of the best SEO Chrome extensions used to find the email address of the website that you visit.


                                                              • This extension provides the email addresses with the sources like where it’s found and with discovery date.


                                                                • They can provide the verified icon or the confidence score for the verification.


                                                                  • Its free plan provides 50 credits per month and there is no limit to saving the leads.


                                                                    • Further, it provides the name, phone number, job designation, and social networks.

                                                                  SEO Meta in 1 Click


                                                                      • SEO Meta in 1 Click is one of the most powerful & best SEO Chrome extensions. It is an active user of 4,00,000+ users.


                                                                        • It provides the meta title and description of each page along with the length.


                                                                          • It gives the structural order of headers in the content (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) and the number of images with and without alt text.


                                                                            • We can get information on the number of internal and external links, social data, XML site maps, tools like GTmetrix, page speed, keyword density, etc.



                                                                              • If you want to know the traffic and key metrics of any website, then SimilarWeb is one of the best Chrome extensions for that purpose.


                                                                                • You can get data on the rank in global, country, and industry for the competitor websites.


                                                                                  • We can track the website’s total monthly traffic and its changes at different times.


                                                                                    • It provides data on traffic sources and from which country a website gets traffic details.


                                                                                      • We can get a depth of information and reduce our burden with just one click.


                                                                                        • You can use it in Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.



                                                                                          • Wappalyzer is one of the best SEO Chrome extensions helps users to identify the technologies that are being used to build & run the websites. 

                                                                                         Some of the key features of the Wappalyzer extension include:


                                                                                            • It can detect the technologies that are being used to build and run websites. 


                                                                                              • It provides users with detailed information on the technologies being used.


                                                                                                • This extension can be used to perform competitive analysis, allowing users to get knowledge on the technologies that are being used by their competitors’ websites.


                                                                                                  • It allows users to customize the extension to their needs. For example, users can enable or disable certain types of technology detection or create custom rules to identify specific technologies.


                                                                                                    • It can be integrated with other tools and services, such as Google Analytics, to provide users with even more insights.



                                                                                                      • The extension works by associated with the Snov.io,  which provides tools for email marketing and lead generation.


                                                                                                        • This extension includes an email finder tool that help users to find the email addresses of people and companies by entering the domain name, this tool will scan the website to find email addresses for the given domain.


                                                                                                          • This extension also includes a tool for creating and automating email outreach campaigns.


                                                                                                            • This tool could be integrated with a wide range of other tools and services, including CRM platforms, marketing automation tools, and more.


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