Everything you should know about Digital Marketing

Everything you should know about Digital Marketing

For two decades, many marketers promote their products to customers by showing ads on television, radio, roadside banners, etc. But now we are living in a modern digital world. 

Everyone has smart devices like smartphones, laptops, or tablets that shrink the world in our hands. Wann a learn digital marketing? Check out here to see the crucial segments of digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

It refers to the promotion of products and services by using digital channels like mobile apps, emails, etc.

Like traditional marketing, digital marketing has its principles, rules, and strategies. With the help of digital marketing, we can reach the customer through email, social media, content marketing, and search platforms.

Further, we can know the types of digital marketing from the below content.

Search engine optimization

SEO consists of structuring and optimizing the website to improve its position in the SERP of the search engine. It is determined by various factors like quality, relevancy, and page usability. The kinds of SEOs:

  • On-page SEO – The practice of optimizing the website’s on-page element helps us to improve the SERP rank. On-page elements like keywords, internal linking, alt text, etc.
  • Off-page SEO – Getting a link (backlink) from a quality site to your site improves your impressions and traffic in SERP.
  • Local SEO – A process of improving the website visibility in google local business, that helps us to reach the locally targeted audience.
  • Technical SEO – Optimising our website to meet the technical requirements of the search engine. Example of checking mobile friendliness by adding the updated URLs to the site map. 

In the past, SEO could do it in text format only. But now it could be done on the image and voice in recent years. 

Benefits of SEO

  • SEO helps us to drive traffic without any cost
  • You can target the entire marketing stage to reach the customers
  • It offers 24/7 promotion & improves the trustworthiness of the audience.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is a way of promotion towards the targeted customers based on their interests or intention where the companies have to pay the search engines, websites, or other media for the User clicks.

The benefits of paid marketing help us to segment and target the specific audience, it can be easily measurable, can retarget the audience, and get the result instantly. 

A few channels are listed below for paid advertising:

  • Search Ads
  • Social media Ads
  • Display/banner ads
  • Youtube/ video ads

Benefits of Paid Marketing

  • You can achieve the target number of leads or product sales
  • PPC performance is measurable and trackable
  • You can control the budgets for the campaigns and retarget the audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the ways of digital marketing that uses the customer’s email to educate them about new products, discounts, or updates.

It helps us to engage the customers about the service or products and build a relationship with our brand.

The emails used for marketing are

  • Promotional Emails.
  • Informational Emails.
  • Acquisition Emails.
  • Retention Emails.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • It helps us to get feedback and surveys from our customers.
  • Reach your customers at the right time.
  • Increase brand awareness and relationships with customers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing helps to increase your sales and leads of your business by creating high-quality content to create high-quality content, which is related to the buying stage of your targeted audience.

It consists of creating a content form of blog posts or articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, newsletters, or other media.

If you want to deliver good quality content, you must know these 5-stages of the sales funnel,

  • Awareness stage
  • Interest stage
  • Desire Stage
  • Action stage
  • Loyalty stage

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • It can educate the audience in multiple formats like blogs, videos, webinars, etc.
  • It helps to implement our search engine optimization strategies
  • Increase the organic and referral traffic.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting the product or service of other brands for monetary compensation. Whenever people purchase a product or service through the affiliate link, affiliates earn some percentage of money.

Examples of affiliates are companies and publishers.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

  • Minimum Investment with low risk.
  • No need for expertise.
  • Convenience and flexibility to generate passive income.

Influencer Marketing

Many of us think influencer marketing and affiliate marketing are the same. But influencer marketing is promoting our product or service to the followers who are popular on social media which is out of affiliates.

Examples of influencers are celebrities, social media persons, etc.

Mobile Marketing

The 99 firms report 80% of internet users have smartphones in their hands. Mobile marketing is a great technique to promote products and services using the advantages of SMS & MMS, social media, and mobile apps. It is the best and smarty way to reaching the customer.

It helps us to reach the targeted audience at the global level. Mobile responsive website could help us to rank in the SERPs, As per Google Mobile-first indexing. 

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

  • It makes it easy to reach the global audience anywhere and anytime. It is an effective and efficient way to communicate with our targeted audience.
  • We can segment our audience based on preferences, purchasing patterns, interests, and demographics.
  • Usability of mobile phones makes sharing easy from one channel to another channels.

Wind Up

Every business idea will succeed in the market when the product or service meets its targeted audience. Digital marketing helps us to reach potential customers at the right time, and it’s easy to track our performance. SEO strategies could improve your site position. Active presence in social media could build your brand presence. Paid marketing helps to target your customers through diversified channels.


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